Ready to make $100,000 USD while working for a fortune 500 company from the comfort of your home? Eager to join a network of the most talented remote workers in the world? If so, this role is for you. Work for Crossover, and you’ll earn the most competitive wages on the market, collaborate with the most skilled teams in your field, and work for the most elite companies in the world. Sound too good to be true? Take a closer look...
What to Expect as a Software Engineer Manager at Crossover
Choose Crossover and you will play a dynamic leadership roles in our fast-paced environment. You will be responsible for managing, developing, and evaluating from 4 to 6 teams of 3-4 individuals. You will own the process of breaking specifications created by the product management team into clear tasks and timelines, as well as assembling the results into high value, reusable components. We expect you inspire and enforce high quality within the teams you manage. You will run nightly builds, test cases for every change, and regression test runs. Under your management, we expect to see consistent improvement in both static code quality metrics and weekly production.
Qualifications for this Opportunity
A successful Software Engineer Manager at Crossover will demonstrate the following qualifications:
Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering
Experience with Cloud architecture and DevOps
At least 5 years of experience in hands-on Java or .NET programming
At least 5 years of experience as an individual contributor before managing several teams
Outstanding communication skills (in English)
Proficiency in the following skills and technologies is mandatory:
Agile, SDLC, SLA
Background in C# or Java
Proficiency in the following technologies is desired but not mandatory:
Cloud computing, CMMI, TDD
At Crossover, you’ll earn extremely competitive wages while enjoying the flexibility of working from virtually anywhere on
the face of the earth:
Salary: 50 USD/hr
Position type: Full time (40 hours per week)
Location: Global
The Type of Software Engineer Managers We’re Looking For
Crossover values a culture of excellence. We need managers who are not only technically proficient, but also demonstrate
the following qualities:
Ruthless commitment to impeccable code quality
Willingness to embrace the concept of iterative development as the means for building seamless products
Readiness to give all the effort necessary to do an excellent job - even if it means putting in extra time to research the problems you’re facing
Perfectionism: knowing how a job should be done and not stop until it’s done correctly
Enthusiasm for working both independently and in groups
Excellent remote management skills (you will be using Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Docs, etc.)
Commitment to increasing efficiency in the workplace by continuously automating parts of the software engineer process
Next Steps
Ready to join? Start the process now by applying through our application link. If you meet the qualifications, we will proceed with a series of tests and interviews. Crossover is eager to see what you have to offer our cutting edge global workforce.

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